Akitsuki (秋月 風夏) was the former vocalist and a singer for the band "The fallen moon". She is voiced by Lynn & Ayaka.

It was noted that she is also terrible at cooking like her mother Suzuka, from the Suzuka series (another manga series illustrated by Seo). She quickly fell in love with Yuu Haruna and thanks to him she created their band "The Fallen Moon". She was a very talented vocalist, even being described by others as an "overlwheming genius".

The name of her band —"The Fallen Moon"— is originated from her last name.

In chapter 36, on Fuuka's way to her band concert in a nightclub, she was hit by a truck and passed away. Her death struck hard in Yuu's heart, making him unable to socialize until Nico took his bass to give him a wake-up call. As he slowly began to recover, Yuu plugged in the charger for his phone and to his surprise, a message recording was waiting from Fuuka. After a quick reboot, Yuu went on to gather the rest of the band members in order to carry on Fuuka's dream: to play in Buduokan. Her dream was what inspired Yuu and the others to make their band the best.

In later chapters, comparisons are made in which Yuu realizes Fuuka Aoi has a distinct and different personality to Fuuka Akitsuki, despite how much Aoi reminds him of Akitsuki.

In Chapter 136, Yuu meets Sakura Katsuragi, whom is similar in appearance and behaviour to Fuuka Akitsuki. It has been revealed in Chapter 145 that it was actually Kawabata, who was in the same class as Yuu Haruna, who disguised herself as Fuuka Akitsuki because she had a crush on Yuu and thought if disguised herself as Fuuka Akitsuki, she might become Yuu's girlfriend. But her plan failed as she discovered that Yuu had developed feelings for Fuuka Aoi.


appearance and facial expressions of fuuka.

Personality Edit

Fuuka is an energetic person with a great spirit. She tries to be positive at risky times, so that they end happily.

Appearance Edit

Fuuka has light blue eyes and light blue hair. Her hair is short and wavy bob. She has fair and pale coloured skin and pinkish lips. She is mostly seen wearing her school's uniform, and a pair of orange-ish red headphones with a CD player. She also carries a black and white handbag with her in which she carries her favorite songs. She wears long, black socks, covering her thighs, and a pair of brown school shoes.

While In the beach episode, she is seen wearing an orange-white stripped bikini costume covering her bust barely.



Background Edit

Fuuka was born to tokyo's famous athletes- Yamato and Suzuka akitsuki. she has a younger sister named Haruka.

Trivia Edit

"Fuuka," the character also appears in Suzuka and makes several cameo appearances in Kimi no Iru Machi, including one in the final chapter of the manga, which appears to happen immediately before the first chapter of Fuuka.

  • She makes a cameo appearance in Real Account.
  • She studies at aoba high school.
  • She has the same birthday as Yuu.
  • She shares her first name "Fuuka" with Fuuka Aoi, The heroine of the series.
  • 'Fuuka' means summer wind.
  • The first few paragraphs of the song "For you" were written by her.
  • The name of her band "The Fallen Moon" originated after fuuka misunderstood the question asked by Shelly Hornet. (Fuuka thought Shelly Hornet was asking her name but, Shelly was actually asking Fuuka about her band's name which resulted "The Fallen Moon".)
  • Fuuka resembles Akua Aino from renai boukun, despite having different personas. (Akua being a Kuudere.)

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