Fuuka Aoi (碧井風夏 Aoi Fuuka) is a main heroine and titular character of the manga. She is currently dating Yuu Haruna.

History Edit

Early Days Edit

She grew up a fan of the Hedgehogs. During one of their concerts, she was the lucky person to catch the guitar pick which the Hedgehogs guitarist, Hisashi, threw.

Sometime before the beginning of the manga's story, she met Fuuka Akitsuki while relaxing at the beach. She yelled at her for trying to touch her guitar until Akitsuki noticed that she was looking for something. It turned out that she was looking for her Hedgehogs pick. While they were searching for the pick, Akitsuki talked about her wish to find out what she wanted to do in the future, much to Aoi's annoyance. Eventually, Akitsuki found her Hedgehogs pick at the bottom of the sea. In return for Akitsuki's actions, she made a short performance for her. When Aikitsuki's friends called her, she realized that they both had the same first name - Fuuka. Before going their separate ways, Aoi told her that she would find the thing that's important to her.

Meeting Yuu Haruna Edit

After the Hedgehogs' concert, she decided to sing on the middle of the road. Many people watched her perform and one of them was Yuu Haruna.

Denkou Rebellion Edit

Fuuka and her band, Other Side of the Wall, made it to the next round of the Denkou Rebellion.

Joining the Agency Edit

Fuuka surprised Yuu at work by saying that she joined the same agency which the Fallen Moon joined.

The Triangle Forms: Aoi Meets Koyuki Edit

Fuuka decided to visit Yuu at his house after finding out that he had a fever. Before entering his home, she was surprised that a lollipop appeared.

Preparing for the Festival Edit

Along with the Fallen Moon, she was invited by Tama to take part in the Hedgehogs' Festival.

Sonic Boom Festival Edit

After losing most of her audience to Rabbitz, Tama proposed that she perform with the Fallen Moon at the third day of the festival.

Beginning of a New Era Edit

After the Hedgehogs announced that they would disband, they put their hopes into the young artists they invited to take part in the festival.

After work, Yuu took her to the highest point in Tokyo. At first, she thought that he was going to ask her out, but it turned out that he was going to ask her to join the Fallen Moon. Fuuka shyly accepted his offer.

Trivia Edit

  • She shares her first name "Fuuka" with Fuuka akitsuki.
  • She has a collection of Usamune keychains.
  • Colored pages from early chapters depict her having black hair. However, colored pages from latest chapters, as well as official art made by Seo Kouji, depict her having pink hair.
  • Her father was the truck driver involved in the accident that killed Fuuka Akitsuki.

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