Mikasa Makoto (三笠マコト) is the pianist for the musical band called "Blue Wells". Before Fuuka died, he was the pianist for the former band "The Fallen Moon" created by Fuuka Akitsuki. He is Fuuka Akitsuki's classmate. He, Fuuka and Yuu are likely to be friends. At the first, Yuu thought Mikasa and Fuuka liked each other but did not have the knowledge that he was homosexual.

History Edit

Makoto was supposed to be the heir of his family business but due to his love for music and his love interest he left home to pursue his dreams.

When Fuuka died, he decided to return home and follow his father's orders. His father wanted him to transfer schools immediately so that no one will know his interest in the same sex.

After Yuu convinced him to return to Fallen Moon once again, his father told him to never return to the house again as he is no longer his son.

Relationships Edit

Fuuka Akitsuki - He has a very close relationship with Fuuka, which Yuu first thought was close to a romantic one.

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